Is this really a free service?
Yes — we understand that finding the right developer takes a lot of time. We have relationships with them and can easily get quotes for you. You might be wondering if this service is free, what is in it for us? Helping you find the right developer helps us drive success to our partners and make you more successful as well.
How do you match my business up with the right developer?
A developer services representative reads every form filled out on our website. We look at the requirements that you need and look at the services which our database of developers can provide. Once our representative confirms that the developer can provide the work for you they’ll connect you with the matched developers.
When will I find my developer?
Within 2 business days you will be connected the matched developers within our database. At that point you and your team will begin discussion with the developers and evaluate for your chosen developer.
What if I am not happy with the matched developers?
If you are not happy with the matched developers reply to the email you received after originally completing the developer request form. If you have any additional details that were not originally mentioned please do so. The more information provided on your upcoming project will help our developer services representative find the best developer for your project.
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